User Guide.
To find aircraft registration details
The registration number of Canadian aircraft looks like C-abc or C-abcd. Tap the three or four letters after the C- into the navigation bar. Tap Go on the keyboard to finish. Aircraft details will be displayed. You can do this from any screen in the app.

On all the screens, the > symbol to the right means that you can tap this line to follow the database link and expose more detail about that line item.

And on all screens, tap the header bar at the top the display to make a call to Google, to find everything that the web knows about that item.
Call Google to find widely available details
From any of the screens, tapping the top Header Bar makes a call to Google, to discover everything that web web knows about the item. You can use this to find extensive information about particular aircraft, owners, engines, airframes and manufacturers.
To find details of an aircraft owner
On the aircraft details screen, tap the Owner line item. This exposes further details about the owner of that particular aircraft. Notice that the total number of aircraft which are owned by this entity is displayed. Tap the line to show ALL aircraft owned by that entity.
To find ALL aircraft owned
From the owner details, tap the Owns... line. All of the aircraft which are owned are displayed as a vertically scrolling list.
To navigate up and down the database
From here on, its a familiar pattern. Tap any line which ends in the > symbol to drive up or down the database. For example, from the aircraft registration screen, tapping the engine exposes further details about the engine. Dont forget to tap the Header Bar to call Google for even more detail. Tap the Manufacturer line to expose details about the manufacturer of that engine.
To search for an owner
If you know an owner's name and want to find all their aircraft, you can do this in two easy steps. First tap the Home button to go the Home screen. [We've switched back to the day panel as well]. Then tap the Find Aircraft Owner line.
Key in the owner's name
Then key in the first few characters of the owner's name into the text box. The box auto-completes as you key additional characters to refine the search. Scroll up and down the list and then tap the line item you want. Details of the owner are shown, from where you can follow the links to expose details of all aircraft owned.
To search for a manufacturer
Similarly, you can find a manufacturer of an airframe or engine by calling up the home screen, and tapping Find Manufacturer. Key in the first few characters of the manufacturer name and wait for autocomplete. Then tap one of the returned rows.
To drill into the database
Tap the Home button to return to the home screen. Then tap Drill Into Database. Total counts of all of the items of each type are displayed. Then click on any of the items to drill down.
To email feedback and questions
Tap the Home button to return to the home screen. Then tap Questions or Feedback. An email screen is displayed. From here you can enter text and tap send to send your feedback to us. We're keen to here your views and we always respond to all feedback.