A complete database implementation of N Registered aircraft.
What is NReg? NReg is an iPhone app which displays N aircraft registration information, sourced from a hierarchical database. This database is derived from information published on a weekly basis by the FAA. The FAA data is published as a flat file spreadsheet. Our software organises this information into a structured database, which is accessisble over the net from the NReg client app running on the iPhone.

Why a database implementation? There's a few other apps (and web sites) which just provide the flat file information. This is fine if you just want to know registration details of a specific aircraft, for which you know the tail number. But those solutions stop there. NReg allows you to navigate up, down and across the hierarchy. For example having found a specific aircraft, you can then cruise up a level to find details of the owner, and then cruise back down to find details of ALL aircraft that the owner owns. Or you could find information about the engine in a specific aircraft, and then find all aircraft which have that same engine.

Interface to Google For each database record which you can view in NReg on the iPhone, a single tap makes a call to Google which displays everything the internet has to know about that item. For example, you can find details of an aircraft operator from the NReg database, and then forward that information to Google which returns a general internet search result.

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