Getting Started.
Download the app
You'll need to purchase ZKReg from the iPhone App Store. Click the button on the left to go to the app store
Launch the app
Tap the Home button. When you first download ZKReg, you'll see a navigation bar at the top with a place to enter registration details, and two buttons - Back and Home. To get started, just tap the home button.
But you'll need internet access
ZKReg works by retrieving information from a database held on a host, and displaying it on the iPhone. This means that you must have access to the internet. If the ZKReg host is unreachable, you'll see a popup asking you to establish an internet connection.,
Use Settings to choose between day or night panels
To make it easy on your eyes, we've provided two screen presentations - a day panel and a night panel. Use the iPhone Settings...ZKReg section to set the night panel on or off.
You're good to go
If you have an internet connection, then tapping the Home button displays the Home screen and you're ready to start using ZKReg. We've shown the night panel version of the home screen here.